Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eat carrots...get younger looking skin?

OK, after reading about how the beta-carotene in carrots helps to fill in those 'blotches' caused by (gasp!) our body's maturing process (mature - not me!), I'm heading for the market!

Carrots are teeming with tiny orange pigments called beta-carotene, and when you ingest those pigments, you’re inviting them to nestle into your skin, fill in blotches, and give you a healthy glow. And what’s more, research shows that this can actually help prevent premature aging from sun damage. But, is the accumulation of orange in your skin going to make you look - ummm - orange? Well, hopefully not. However, eating 'excessive' loads of carotene-rich foods CAN lead to a condition called carotenosis and you could end up looking quite orange. Thankfully, the conditions is rare, so unless you notice yourself looking like a prison jumpsuit, feel free to chow down!

Other beta-carotene rich foods: sweet potatoes (yum!), red bell peppers, red grapefruit